Technology for righteousness


Have an Idea

need resources?

You create a project and declare required resources. Our mission is to make this project discoverable for the world, to help you get all what you need.

Spare resources

which you can provide to the others

You have a resource (bricks, nails, time, experience) which you can propose? You get an access to ideas, projects or needs from all over the world where your resources might be needed.

Time to time we all all have needs which is much easier to resolve with other people who are an expert in the field where we have not enough knowledge. At the same time each of us can easily help to other people with some resources, such as consultation or even physical labour.

The project idea is to create a web application which will combine needs and unused resources together. Resources - meaning everything what people can need - bricks, computer parts, advice, hours of programmers work or creating design.
It will help to resolve any social problems together and realise any ideas very fast.

Ho does it works?

You have an idea

You need some resources or wish to propose yours.

Create a project

Using drag and drop create structure of your project


One click and information will be shared among the people who will be able to help.

Make changes

Control resources or just observe how the project grows.


Valeryi Iavtushenko


Gomez-Kalashniko Andryi

Video, 3D

Vladislav Koren


Dmytro Iarovatyi


Oleksiy Dugnist


Anton Sytnyk


Andryi Plushov

Project support

Leykin Oleksandr

System architect

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